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My Story

The world of Mark Lobert is a sensory encounter that lifts every part of your being.   A prolific artist based in Adelaide, South Australia, Mark Lobert’s artwork breathes life into our world.  His work is unique and recognisable but not constrained by any one style or theme.   Artworks bearing the Mark Lobert name are so distinctive, that no matter where they appear, eyes are drawn to the them.  Whether it’s the vibrant bold colours, the interesting textures of the thought provoking imagery, every piece has it’s own story and inspiration.   His work hangs on walls around the world, and is proudly owned by people from all walks of life and all parts of our society.  He is an artist for the people, creating work that reflects the world we share through his eyes, his heart and his hands. 


“Painting and art is an extension of who I am , it includes all angles and aspects of me – the happy, the sad, the grown-up, the lad,  the good, the bad.   Some pieces are bold and solid, some are simple and clean, some are intricate and layered. There are sets of images that tell stories from my experience, from our shared experiences as human beings on this earth in this time.   I love sharing my work with you, expressing myself through the medium and seeing the joy that it brings– I know it will give you as much happiness as creating it gives me. ” 

Mark, March 2021.


2012    Watershed Art Prize, The Sanctuary by Mark Lobert
2012    Specialty Retailer Award, Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2012    Specialty Retailer Award, Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2011    Specialty Retailer Award, Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2010    Specialty Retailer Runner up, Mark Lobert Gallery, Messenger Awards
2009    Best Emerging Fringe Venue, Mark Lobert Gallery, Adelaide Fringe                      Festival



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Mark Lobert Gallery

Phone: 0404 551 777

Gallery – 152 Port Road, Alberton, 5014

Warehouse – 2/37 Liddon Place, Port Adelaide, 5015